You're not going crazy,
something is changing everything

Set your GPS for BETTER not bitter.

You already know how grief feels, now it's time to feel:

  • A peacefully sustainable CONTENTMENT.

  • A fresh FREEDOM to intentionally choose the energies you’re being now, no matter what’s happening around you.

  • GRATITUDE to clear your heart and mind for more fun as it cultures love, creativity, opportunity and invitations.

The future keeps arriving
before we're finished with the past.

Our films, uplifting audio programs, meditations, audiobook and easy journaling forms are in simple, bite-sized pieces. They gently uplift people who are drowning in an undertow of pain, confusion, guilt, fear and anger.

This online resource center heals hearts and minds, safeguards and boosts prosperity, while helping people effectively honor the past. 

If you’re considering this for yourself, trust that everyone who really loves you, wants you to feel better. Love yourself enough to rescue your quality of life. 


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Avoid the Costly Mistake
of Mounting Loss Upon Loss.

The content in this reference library is the life saver that’s already
helped more than 80,000 people who were drowning in grief.

When Peter McGugan was 30 years old, 28 of his young friends died.

Because he was a broadcaster, international speaker and best-selling author, he was giving eulogies for the souls he most needed to turn to for comfort.

Nothing spoke to him or lifted him up. So he wrote the classic self-help book, “When Something Changes Everything” and went around the world, speaking, and showing his award-winning films about managing change, loss and reinvention. 

He’s bounced back from many chapter changes since then, including burglars burning down his cherished home. Relationships have ended and beloved pets have died. 

“To keep on keeping on, I had to teach myself how to cherish the past and empower my intention to be happier, healthier, more content and to feel more loved than ever before. And I am! There was no book, group or course that had what I needed, and that’s why I invested 20 years researching, writing, teaching and making the films and audio programs for Grief To Gratitude." 

Peter traveled the world discovering the secrets of resiliency, contentment and the lost art of true Catharsis.

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Risks and Costs of Mismanaged Grief

After something changes everything,
your chances of creating more losses are multiplied.
What are your risks on this list?

  • Auto Accidents
    In the year following the death of a loved one, grieving individuals have a 93% higher than average risk for auto accidents, and a death rate 200% higher than average.

  • Addiction
    Almost all alcohol relapses are the direct result of the death of a loved one, a divorce or other romantic break-up. Alcohol abuse costs American businesses more than $276 billion a year.

  • Cardiovascular Risk
    Several studies show heartbreak can literally lead to cardiovascular and immune system weakness. The annual cost of losing a loved one in the U.S. far exceeds $100 billion per year.

  • Rebound Relationships
    Nature abhors voids, but filling them with mistakes is toxic, costly and it mounts disappointments.

  • Weight Gains & Eating Disorders
    You’re teary, emotional and stalled at the intersection of “Comfort Foods” and “Eating Disorder”. Without coping skills that really remove toxic emotions and energies, you’d better keep stretchy pants on hand.

  • Recurring Illness & Increased Healthcare Costs
    90% of physical laborers reported increased injuries after a loss. 91% indicate an injury could have been avoided if they were better able to concentrate.

  • Decreased Workplace Productivity
    The Grief Recovery Institute estimated the annual cost of workplace grief at $75 billion. Included in this figure is death of a loved one ($37.5 billion) and pet loss ($2.4 billion).

  • Unemployment
    85% of management level decision makers indicate that their decision making ranked from Very Poor to Fair in the months following a loss. 60% confessed their decisions definitely had direct negative financial impact on their company. The death of a parent creates longer-term unemployment.

And then there are these risks...

  • Childhood Bereavement Challenges
    Studies in the UK have shown a 30% increase in childhood visits to a doctor while mourning. Children are more likely to have behavioral problems, abuse alcohol and drugs, experience anxiety, act out, have social challenges, struggle in school, and/or experience recurring illness.

  • Teen Pregnancy
    Especially with sudden and traumatic death, bereaved teens are more likely to get pregnant.

  • Developmental Challenges In Children & Teens
    When a parent has died, especially from a sudden death, adolescents have lower competence in work, peer relations, career planning, and educational aspirations. Maladaptive grief in kids definitely impacts social and academic development.

  • Marital Strife
    Married couples each grieve differently, and this challenges relationships causing counseling expenses and sometimes divorce. Grieving parents are more likely to leave employment, get divorced, and lose their own mental health. Decades after the loss of a child, parents in Sweden’s national study still earned 30 percent less.

  • Financial Decline
    Global studies point to loss of financial stability after a death, especially from the loss of a spouse or child. The Grief Recovery Institute calculated employee grief costs US employers $100 billion+ a year.


Part 1. You’re Not Alone 

Take a video tour of the films, audios, transformational meditations, written exercises and the film festival and audio book in the bonus section. 


Part 2. Impact 

Something changed everything. The Impact films and audios offer comfort, wisdom and smart choices,  so you’re not freaked out.  You’ll feel emotionally, financially and spiritually safer - less lost, afraid and alone. 

You’ll create an advisory board of smart and experienced people who’ll keep you safe and sound. And you’ll avoid further losses and collateral damage caused by drama queens and opportunists. 

How To Manage Difficult Days • A Letter For Friends And Coworkers, So They Know What To Say And Do • How To Get The Support You Need Now • Avoiding Dangers That Follow Impact • Men And Grief • About Drugs, Gambling, Shopping And Rebound Risks • Resolving Guilt • Restoring Balance • Clarifying What You Need More Of And Less Of • How To Activate Your Hopes • Setting Your GPS For Better Not Bitter • Resolving Sleep Issues • Avoiding Phobias And Panic

Part 3. Surrender

Our greatest pain is resistance. 

This section offers skills and techniques for managing emotions and toxic energies. 

Clinging to your unravelling past leaves you hanging by a thread. Making peace with why it happened, is finding your version of events that you can live with. Ultimately we cannot rescue other people from themselves or their fate. 

Clearing Hidden Emotions From Your Emotional Closet • Releasing Toxicity • Ending The Trials In Your Mind • Escaping Emotional Prisons • Avoiding A Half-hearted Life • Your Dance With Surrendering

This also offers ways to end the court trials in your mind, where you’re judge, jury and victim. By surrendering, you’ll feel stronger, clearer, more in control of yourself and much more at peace

In the war between you, and this new reality, bet on reality.

Part 4. Beginning To Begin

Brighter days have dawned and you feel ready to begin to begin. Your guide for blossoming into this next chapter is here.  

Recognizing and Being Yourself Without Guilt • Activating Hope • Getting Your Energy Back • Finding Your New Balance • The Alchemy of Laughter, Friendship and Joy • Clarifying Your Next Chapter

What You Can Expect

  • Wake up happier and healthier. You don’t need to dread opening your eyes each morning.

  • Heal your heart and mind, without guilt, by honoring your past as you begin to begin enjoying life again.

  • The Grief To Gratitude path liberates you from emotional prison. It blossoms understanding, wisdom, resilience, skills, wellbeing, community and healthy relationships.

  • The bonuses boost your quality of life spiritually, financially and socially.


Exclusive Bonus 1: The world's fastest growing idea! 

Discover the cashless, online barter community that will inspire your creativity as it provides everything from food to clothes, services, travel and housing. Imagine expressing your passions through a variety of your natural talents that can provide what you need and want.  Dreamt up by Nelson Mandala and his friends, while they were in prison, it’s simple, clean and growing fast in 80+ countries.

Participation is free and freeing on every level and we’ve got a bonus documentary all about it. 

Exclusive Bonus 2: Your own film festival! 

Watch and share Peter’s award-winning documentary films. They’re entertaining conversation starters for family and friends.

You could host a monthly film screening! 

officeArt objectThe Consciousness of Water

Water molecules have memory. Your body is comprised of 80% water, that’s influenced by your thoughts and intentions.

How Happy Happens (3 episodes) 

Travel three continents to see great ideas and innovations for thriving happily in North America, Europe and South Africa. 

You’ll see how people who’ve been walloped by change reinvented themselves through their creative passions. 

Appreciation Appreciates

The new science of consciousness has proven that we can culture positive emotions and spread them throughout our community and our whole world in ways we hadn’t dreamt possible. 

Exclusive Bonus 3: Occupy Consciousness

Book Cover.pngPeter spent seven years researching and writing his Occupy Consciousness book, and you get the audiobook for free!  

In simple language, Peter connects the dots so you’ll understand why the emotions and thoughts you’re being, not only define your present moment, they powerfully shape your future. With this easy-to-understand audiobook, you’ll discover more techniques for thriving.

This is your FREE streaming resource center for THRIVING in our post pandemic world.

If you're struggling to make sense of everything right now, you're not alone. Join us for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Grief to Gratitude for?

    Grief to Gratitude is for anyone troubled by a traumatic, dramatic loss or change, including children and teenagers. Some people will love the transformational audio meditation and the films most, while others will make breakthroughs with the written exercises and readings. It’s up to you to use what works best for you.

  • Will Grief to Gratitude help me?

    Whether you enjoy and learn best from films, audios, written exercises or reading, Grief to Gratitude offers healing help whenever, and wherever you choose. Time doesn’t cure grief, knowing what to do for yourself does.

  • What if I’m not a very good or disciplined learner?

    Your attention span is shorter now so, this program is in bite-sized pieces. And the audio programs do the heavy lifting here. The transformational audio programs heal your mind and heart without guilt, while you feel relaxed calm and safe. Letting go of toxic energies can be much easier than you think.

  • Is there a specific start date or can I join at any time?

    The best time for you to join was very soon after the impact of your loss. The second best time is now. So, try the free trial.

  • What if I decide this is not right for me?

    You can cancel and get a full refund within 24 hours. You can also stop your membership any time you feel ready, and also rejoin for a refresher at any time, too.

"Peter's work is the best gift I could have given my children, after the death of their father."

Dame Joan Collins

What are Your Options?


Muddle through this like a lone wolf. Feel lost, confused, afraid and alone while coping with addictive substances. 

Feel yourself drifting into an emotional black hole. 

Suffer through other people’s tragedies in support groups where listening and time are the curative therapy. 

Endure emotional tsunamis and lonely, sleepless nights.

Make a no-risk healthy choice for yourself.

Join more than 80,000 people who say “When Something Changes Everything, Peter’s words and wisdom made all the difference for quality of life”.